Friday, 25 May 2018

Walking to School and May Dancing

We've really enjoyed walking to school this week. We went past the finish line on our chart because so many of us walked. It was good fun for some of us to walk to school altogether on Wednesday.

We hope you enjoyed our Country Dance of Buttered Peas yesterday or today. We have worked really hard to remember the different steps, and worked well in our small groups and partners.

In Creative Writing, we imagined we had our own hot air balloon and wrote an adventure about where it could take us. Mrs McLellan was impressed with every single story that was written. She read all of them to the whole class!
A boy went to Scotland -William
I went to Candy Land in my red hot air balloon- Chrisanthi
Mine went to Dubai - Poppy
Mine went underwater in Kiribati - Benedict

Our home learning over the half term is to keep a weather chart. We can record this anyway we like in our books. We have also brought some phonics home to practise. We could also play buried treasure on (It doesn't work on iPads)

This week our Star Award is going to Noreen because she learnt our dance very quickly and has tried hard with her writing. Well done, Noreen!

Friday, 18 May 2018

Explaining Science!

This week, we have joined our English and science learning. We have been reading explanations and finding out how hot air balloons work. We used pictures and sentences to describe this.
First, it's on its side. Lucas
It gets full up with cold air until it's standing. Arlie
Then hot air goes in and it starts to rise up. Thomas
There''s a lever to open the flap at the top of the envelope and when it opens, it lets the hot air out and the cold air comes in. Then the balloon comes down carefully. Georgia.

We explored forces and how we can make things start and stop, move faster or slower. We had great fun on the bikes and scooters.
I was challenged to get down the ramp without pedalling. I shuffled in the seat to make it move from the flat part to the slope. Finally I went really quickly down the slope. Grace

In maths, we have used last week's  learning about arrays to solve multiplication problems. Mrs Hinchliffe has challenged us to bring in arrays we find at home, or a picture of some. So far, we have egg boxes, an ice cube tray and a Connect 4 board. 

In science, we continued investigating paper waterlilies. We found out what happened if we put them in hot water or cold, soapy water and we used a cardboard waterlily. We all recorded our results in a table- maybe we can tell you what we found out!

We are practising our Country Dancing and can't wait to show you next week - 2pm on Thursday for the Community Tea, 9:10 on Friday for the May King and Queen. The Governors will be serving pastries on Friday morning.

Our Home Learning is to design a programme cover for the Summer Sizzler on June 30th. We could also practice our phonics by playing a game on Phonics Play 

This week's Star Award is going to Chrisanthi for making god choices about her learning and trying really hard. Well done, Chrisanthi!

Our Learning Owl this week is Georgia for using some really good explanations in science and persevering with her maths. Well done Georgia, have fun with Snowy. 

Have a great weekend- see some of you at the Fun Run!

Friday, 11 May 2018

Beech Class Poets

This week, we carried on our learning about poetry. We read From a Railway Carriage again and talked about why we liked it. Then, it was time to plan and write our own train poems. We used similes, onomatopoeia, alliteration and rhyme. We had to remember when to start a new line too. We enjoyed writing our poems and Mrs McLellan and Mrs Orchard were proud of us.

In Topic, we carried on working in groups to compose our own train music- with a steady beat. Some of us created a rhythm, using words like 'steam train, choo choo' or 'clickety clack' and some of us hummed a melody. We started to think about ways to end our piece of music.

In maths, we have been using arrays to count in 2s, 5s and 10s.
An array is a group of dots that you can use to help you - Sam
We looked at the array and wrote a repeated addition, like 5+5+5+5=20 Ross
Then we used the times symbol- 4x5=20 Tom
Today, we matched the arrays to groups of coins.

In PE, we have done lots of practising- dance for May King and Queen and we've started trying the Sports Day activities for June 22nd.

On Tuesday 15th May, we are going to Woodlands, so we need our wellies and a splash suit if we have one.

The Star Award is going to Lucas this week. He was able to apply his English skills to write a great poem. Well done, Lucas!

This week's Learning Owl is Sophia- we've been so impressed with her concentration and perseverance. She made a great prediction in science last week, and really amazed Mrs Mclellan with her maths- she used multiplication without being asked to. Well done, Sophia. Have a great weekend with Snowy.

Sunday, 6 May 2018

All Aboard!

In English this week we have been reading poems about trains and responding to them in different ways like clapping the rhythm and thinking of Wow words. Then we thought what we might see on a train ride through Redbourn:
A bumpy river - Ethan
Spotty cows - Sophia
Wavy green grass - Harry

We took this learning forward in music too. We composed our own pieces of music about trains using our bodies and voices. We did this as a whole class then in small groups.

In maths, we have been dividing by sharing numbers into 2 equal groups. We learnt that if you tried to divide an odd number by 2, there would be one left over. William remembered this was called a remainder.

In science we did a fun investigation with a paper waterlily. We predicted what might happen when we put the waterlily into water and then tried it out...
The petals opened - William
I was surprised because I thought it would sink - Jessica

In PSHE we learnt about the different food groups and our home learning us to create a healthy, balanced meal.

The Star Award this week was given to Harry for persevering with his maths and listening to feedback. This meant he could divide by 2, showing his working. Well done, Harry!
William is this week’s Learning Owl - he’s been a great friend and also taken responsibility for his own learning. He’s listened well and tried his best. Well done, William. Have fun with Snowy.

Enjoy the Bank Holiday weekend everyone.

Friday, 27 April 2018

Beech Class and the Water Lily Pond

It's been great sharing our Home Learning about our Sporting Hero. There have been so many different choices, and we could all talk about why we like that person.

Today, we wore our sporty clothes to think about the Fun Run which is on 20th May. Lots of us would like to take part. We've brought sponsor forms home today. You can sign up here

We've had great fun learning about Monet this week. We learnt some facts about him:
He was a famous artist. Lucas
He painted with oil paints. Benedict
He is more famous than Van Gogh! Mollie
Monet discovered Impressionism. Grace
This means it doesn't look exactly like photos, it's a bit fuzzy. He used quick brush strokes. Ross

We explored collage by finding out what we could do with a piece of tissue paper - twisting, scrunching,layering, tearing and folding. Then we applied our skills to create our own water lily collage inspired by our learning about Monet. Here are some of our collages- we worked really hard and persevered, using different skills. We were all able to talk about what we had enjoyed and done well as well as what we'd improve.

Mollie also continued her learning at home, by creating her own bridge and water lily pond picture using colouring pencils. We thought it looked great. Well done, Mollie. 

We continued learning netball skills. This week, we thought about shooting and we watched what the England Roses did. We had to stand with our feet shoulder width apart, with our knees a little bent. We learnt how to hold the ball to shoot and made great improvements with our shooting. 

We started practising our country dance- Buttered Peas, ready to show you just before half term. Well done to Tom and Poppy who are our May King and Queen.

Our home learning is to play a game with our family- thinking about sharing and taking turns!

This week, the Star Award is for applying learning.. Well done to Benedict, who thought really carefully about his collage skills to make his water lily and pond. 

Snowy Owl is going home with Charles this week. We've been so proud of how well Charles has concentrated on his art work and really persevered with his water lily. Well done Charles, have a great weekend with Snowy. 

Have a good weekend everyone. 

Friday, 20 April 2018

Welcome to Redbourn Primary School

We've had a very exciting first week at Redbourn Primary School. On Tuesday, Years 1 to 6 all went to an assembly together. We met Mrs Hinchliffe and she told us about her pets and answered questions some of us today. Today, we went outside for the opening ceremony, the Town Crier looked amazing in his red coat and we met our MP. A tree was planted and two of the children pulled a big red ribbon. We are very excited to be part of the school.

We started our Topic "All Aboard" with a trip to Buckinghamshire Railway Centre. We had lots of fun.

WE had fun on the steam train. I could hear a really loud sound.  Tom
At the end we went on a miniature train. We saw model and toys. Sophia
Roland was our guide. He told us cool facts about trains.They can be powered by diesel or steam. Ross
We went in the museum. There was a train that doesn't need a driver. Grace

When we got back, we used our English skills too write a recount of the trip. We also drew and painted pictures of trains. We used our trip to do our mind map of what we would like to learn. 7

Pips group have been reading instructions this week. Today they followed some instructions to make us all jam sandwiches! Thank you Pips group. 

In games, we've been developing our netball skills. We enjoyed watching the England Roses on the whiteboard and it helped us understand how to improve. We worked in threes to practise the different passes and pivoting.

Home Learning is to find or draw a  picture of our sporting hero and to write why they are our hero. This is for a display in the hall.  

This week's Star Award is for Ross as he was very active throughout our PE lesson and could explain why this was a healthy choice.. Well done, Ross. 

Thomas is our Learning Owl this week. He has had such a good attitude to our learning this week and tried really hard. He asked lots of questions for our mind map. Well done, Thomas. You should be very proud. Have a great weekend with Snowy. 
It's nearly time for the Fun Run, so on Friday 27th we can come to school in our sporty clothes. 

Thursday, 29 March 2018

We love you Mrs Byrne!

We've had a really special last week of term, doing lots of lovely things with Mrs Byrne.
Some of us enjoyed coming back into school on Monday to see her. On Tuesday we had lots of fun at our party day. Mr Marvel was REALLY funny and we had yummy cake.
Today, we were able to share all of our hard work over the past few weeks with Mrs Byrne. She was blown away with our beautiful cards and the amazing singing we worked together, as a whole school, to do. The teachers made us laugh a lot when they did their sharing assembly!

This is what we would like to say about Mrs Byrne:

Our Home Learning is the FORIS Easter challenge.

Have a brilliant Easter holiday- see you on Tuesday 17th April

Walking to School and May Dancing

We've really enjoyed walking to school this week. We went past the finish line on our chart because so many of us walked. It was good fu...